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Talents are randomly distributed in the society of Bangladesh . But many successful talents are coming maximum from lower, lower middle and mid middle classes of the society. Proper patronization at proper time would increase the successful talents in the society. Talents with aspiration for education from lower income level of the society at remote areas of the country could be defined as “Hard to Reach Talents (HRT)”. This group need to be addressed for intelligent assistance.

 BUET 87 Foundation has started patronizing  Hard to Reach Talents of Bangladesh at right age for their with realistic career path.

 The Foundation scrutinized the latest scholarship exam of the education boards of the country and identified successful students in that exam from schools from remote areas (in this case from the village Baniachong of district Moulabhibazar). The foundation established communication with them and select the HRTs for further coaching.

BUET 87 Foundation  has coaching 22 of such talented students of grade five, who are from low income families and cannot afford their education for the higher levels in renowned educational institutes (residential cadet colleges) where admission process is very cometitive.  BUET 87 Foundation has trained couple of teachers to coach the students and prepare them for the admission of cadet colleges in grade seven.

When the students can get admitted in the residential cadet colleges, they get the best junior high and high school education in the country where the cost of the education is subsidized by the government.

The 22 talented students of low income families of Baniachong village have been coached for last one year to prepare for the comepetitive admission process of the residential cadet colleges of Bangladesh.

BUET 87 Foundation will continue mentoring those students who will be successful in the admission process of the cadet colleges until their graduation level. And the foundation will continue to support some selected students who will not be successful in the admission of cadet colleges but have great potential to be successful in future with BUET 87 Foundation scholarships.