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Project: Helping Cold Wave Victims (Dec 2010-Jan 2011) (Completed Project)


Like last winter (2009-2010), this winter again we distributed winter clothes (blankets, jackets) among poor people in cold hit areas of Bangladesh - mostly in North Bengal. We wanted to reach and help more people to survive the cold weather.


Shaikh Ferdouse Shams (Vashkar), the President of BUET 87 Foundation, distributing blankets among poor people in Gaibandha on 12/23/2010.


This year we distributed high quality blankets which we managed directly from the factory at very low negotiated price (about Tk 200, which is less than US $3).

A total of 2580 blankets worth of BDT 5,16,000 (approx US$ 7372) were transported and distributed among the cold wave victims of Nilphamari, Pamchagor, Gaibandha, Bogra, Sirajgonj and Tangail.

Summary of Distribution from Dec,2010 to Jan , 2011:

Nilphamari(180 blankets): 180 blankets were distributed at Domar Pourashava under Nilphamari District last week (24th December)through Nayeem/CE.

Panchangor (400 blankets):  Rayhan/ME distributed 400 pieces of blankets at Atowari Upzila of Panchangor.

Gaibandha-Bogra (Total 850 blankets): Vashkar/EEE distributed 850 blankets in different areas of Gaibandha and Bogra.
400 blankets at Podum-Shohor, Gaibandha on Dec 23 & 24 (done)
150 blankets at Bhaznakhamar, Gaibandha on Dec 25 (done)
180 blankets at Gaibandha Sadar on Dec 25 & 26 (done)
65 blankets at Mohasthan, Bogra on Dec 27 (done)
55 blankets at Chingashpur, Bogra on Dec 27 (done)

Sirajganj (1000 blankets):  Mitu/EEE disributed 800 blankets at Boro Chantara (village) of Shahzadpur (Upazilla) of Sirajganj (Zilla of greater Pabna). 200 blankets was distributed  in the village named " Batiakhara" under " Nutun Vharenga" union in Pabna on January 2, 2011, on behalf of BUET87 foundation by Mitu's younger brother and one of his cousin.

Tangail (150 blankets):  Jyoti/EEE distributed 150 blankets in Tangail.