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(Completed Project)

We have successfully completed this project on February 4. 2010 Thanks to every body who donated and who physically took part in distributing blankets to remote areas of Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh was experiencing a severe cold wave. Northern and southwest parts of the country experienced a rapid fall in temperature on 1 January 2010. Poor people in the northern region of the country were the worst affected. The impact of the cold wave resulted in a significant rise in respiratory illnesses, and in some cases death. Temperatures remained low since, with cold winds and serve fog. Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) predicted that a further one or two severe cold waves (04°C - 06°C) is likely to sweep across the northern and central parts of the country during the remainder of January. At that time, the cold wave claimed more than 50 lives with most victims being children and the elderly. Hospitals in the affected districts reported higher numbers of admissions with cold weather related illnesses. Unable to buy warm clothes, poor people were struggling to ward off cold bite at night. There were widespread reports of people wrapping themselves with gunny and plastic bags, torn kantha, mosquito nets etc. As the cold wave continued to severely affect the poor and homeless people, political parties, social welfare organizations and affluent individuals initiated distribution of warm clothes in Dhaka city and other parts of the country to mitigate their sufferings. However, there was a broad feeling that the level of assistance ias inadequate given the need.

BUET 87 Foundation spontaneously took up the project “Help Cold Wave Victims of Bangladesh” (Jan-Feb 2010) and started distributing the blankets from January 15 as a part of its fortnight long programme with a view to mitigate sufferings of the distressed people in Rangpur, Gaibandha and Dinajpur. Led by BUET 87 Foundation member Nayeem Ahmed with the assistances of his local colleagues, we started distribution of quality blankets among the cold-hit distressed people including women and babies at Rangpur Rail Station on January 15. After distribution of 500 pieces blankets at these places on Jauary 16 and 17, we brought more 500 pieces to Rangpur from Dhaka which was distributed among the cold-victims of Rangpur, Gaibandha and Dinajpur in two days. 600 pieces wereshipped to Hobigonj (Sylhet Division) for distribution. Supplies of blankets continued and the same were distributed among the cold-hit people of the sub-Himalayan northern districts till January 31. Ex-cadet of Rangpur Cadet College Maksud Ul Alam Chowdhury, members of Old Fauzian Association of Chittagong Chapter Dr Mezbah Uddin Ahmed and Mohammad Shahjahan were supporting the distribution. “Rais-Zobeda Welfare Foundation" assisted us in distributing warm clothes in Rangpur. And "K. Ali Foundation"  assisted in distributing the warm cloths in Baniyachong, Hobigonj. "Ankur International” donated through BUET 87 Foundation. Old Faujians Association assisted in the distribution process in Lalmonirhat and Shatkhira. After blanket distribution was completed in Tangail blankets were distributed among poor people of Charabari, Boro Baghil, Belta and Porabari Char which are poor areas outskirt of Tangail. 150 pieces of blankets will be distributed in Nilphamari with the donation of South Carolina.

DSC07528(1) Tribal people wating for Blanket people wating for blanket Tribal Women receiving Blanket

 Pictures showing distribution of blankets among the distressed people of North Bengal

We donated blankets (Lot price BDT 185 each which is US$2.64) for adults and fleece jackets (Lot price BDT 85  which is US$1.21)  for kids among the poor people in those areas.

A total of 2250 blankets of worth about BDT 4,16,250 were distributed in angpur, Gaibandha, Hobigonj,Lalmonihat, Shatkhira, Pabna, Tangail and Nilphamari districts of Bangladesh.

The summary of distribution of blankets are given below:

                                   Summary of Distribution

DatePlace Quantity
Jan 15-17, 2010
 500 Blankets Completed
Jan 18-19, 2010
 Gaibandha  300 Blankets
Jan 19-20, 2010 Rangpur 200 Blankets Completed
Jan 18-23, 2010  Hobigonj  600 Blankets Completed
Jan 23-26, 2010
 100 Blankets
 Jan 24-26, 2010
 Shatkhira 100 Blankets
 Jan 25-27, 2010  Pabna 200 Blankets Completed
 Jan 26-29, 2010 Tangail 100 Blankets  Completed
 Jan 29/30, 2010Nilphamari
 150 Blankets  Completed
Individual Donation Collected (Till Jan 30, 2:44 am BDT): $2700
Amount Donated by Ankur International: $2000
Amount Donated by Bangladesh Students Association, University of South Carolina, Columbia: $421


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